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'Unexistence' is the The debut album from Unexist's slamming new label 'Unexist Audio'.

The is album showcases Unexists pioneering style with no compromises..

Includes collabs with Hardcore Heavyweights Lenny Dee, Meccano Twins, Delta 9 ,OGM909 and Satronica and a remix from Angerfist on the 'Unexist & Satronica' smash hit 'Fuck the System'.


Launching in 2018

As one of the very first, Unexist was at the front row when hardcore crossed the Italian border back in the day. The Italian has been playing across Europe for years now and 2018 will be a very special year for him. This is something that the hardcore DJ don’t want to let go unnoticed and that’s why he’s coming with a brand new album: 20 Years of Unexist.

“In 2018 I celebrate the 20th anniversary of my career”, says Unexist.Francesco Iapicca elaborates about his future plans. “So I want to combine my older and new work in one release. The first album album will be about my new tracks, and the second album is full of remixes and remakes of my work between 1998 and 2010.”

“Stop wasting hardcore” with the 20 Years of Unexist album

Unexist, wants to make a statement with his upcoming album. “We need to explain the people that hardcore is hardcore”, says the member of Dogfight Records in the interview. He reveals that he doesn’t understand why people are compartmentalizing everything. “I love an industrial track as much as a mainstream or frenchcore track and will put both in my sets anyway. I think it’s a waste of hardcore to just divide everything into genres. We can all have our visions but in the end, we all love hardcore!”

It’s safe to say that we can expect a lot of variation on the 20 Years of Unexist album. The Italian mad man also collaborated with Da Mouth Of Madness on a new track with will appear on the production. Unexist’s saying that he’s super proud of the result

Unexist - Extermination (Official Music Video)

Here it is, the official videoclip of my debut on Dogfight Records:''EXTERMINATION!''


Unexist - Kings Never Die

Wherever you are i know you are making the best Strain of all time

Dedicated to Franco Loja

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Unexist feat Satronica (live) @ Thunderdome 25 Years of Hardcore